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A PrintPack employee preparing a copper cylinder on an engraving machine as the first step of gravure printing.

PrintPack A leading EU rotogravure printer of flexible packaging since 1997.

The PrintPack rotogravure printing press in action.
The PrintPack slitting machines cutting the printed sheets in the final step of the printing process.


Rotogravure printing for flexible packaging

Our experts convert first-grade materials to make your product truly stand out.

PrintPack's rotogravure technology and in-house cylinder production ensures the highest quality, consistency, and cost-effectiveness for your prints.

A flowpack printed with the PrintPack logo.A generic flowpack wrapper mockup.A generic flowpack wrapper mockup.
A topfilm printed with the PrintPack logo.A generic top film package mockup.
A retort flexible pouch package printed with the PrintPack logo.A generic retort flexible pouch package mockup.
A bottle label printed with the PrintPack logo.A generic bottle label mockup.


Comprehensive flexible packaging solutions

We take pride in offering a fully centralised production line that covers every aspect of the printing process.

This streamlined approach guarantees seamless corrections, swift project turnaround, and exceptional results.

Our in-house experts handle cylinder engraving and pre-press services within our own facilities, eliminating the need for any third-party involvement.


European quality at cost-effective rates

PrintPack has been strategically located in Bucharest, Romania, since 1997.

Romania's proximity to the EMEA, along with PrintPack's top-notch Italian machinery, guarantee the highest quality and convenience.

PrintPack's FSSC 2200 food safety system certification.PrintPack's  International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2015 certification for printing and engraving for the food packaging industry.
PrintPack's Italian Cerutti RB 811 rotogravure printer.
PrintPack's Cerutti RB 811 rotogravure printer


What is rotogravure printing?

Rotogravure printing is an industrial printing process that utilises engraved cylinders to transfer ink onto flexible packaging materials.

It offers high print quality, excellent colour saturation, and is ideal for large-scale production.

Is rotogravure right for my product?

If you are a producer of packaged goods, rotogravure printing ensures sharp, vibrant, and consistent printing results with the greatest value for your investment.

It will enhance the visual appeal of your packaging, reinforce your brand identity, and create a lasting impression on your consumers.

Can you handle complex designs?

Absolutely! Our team of skilled professionals specialise in handling intricate designs.

Whether it's fine details, gradients, or elaborate patterns, we have the expertise and advanced technology to bring your vision to life.

Do you work with international clients?

Yes, we have successfully partnered with esteemed brands across Europe.

As we expand our services across the EMEA, we are well-prepared to export goods and provide exceptional service, wherever you may be.