Our team of professional designers is ready to assist and create for you throughout the pre-press process.

We work on all designs in the Adobe suite and the color separation is done in ArtPro.

Cylinder engraving

We have an electronic line that is fully automated and allows us to deliver the cylinders required for your project at an increased speed.

Ink mixing

Ink mixing station with up to 32 heads.

Color management of the highest performance, we guarantee the continuity of your colors.


Printing is the process where you can easily see the level of precision of how your product’s design comes to life.

We print at the highest definition on the following materials: BOPP 15-60, CPP 20-50, PET 9-50, PA 8-50, PE, PE / PA / PE, EVOH / PE 25-200, paper or even aluminum.


We ensure high performance lamination on 2 Nordmeccanica solventless laminators with work speeds up to 350 meters / minute.


The high performance equipment we use in the foil cutting process guarantees the excellent quality of the final product.

In addition, the performance of the devices allows us to cut up to 30 millimeters wide.

Labeling & Packaging

We ensure the traceability of each roll through a barcode label.

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